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Not only do electric vehicles help you save money when it comes to filling up for gas, but you also get the added benefit of knowing that you are helping out your city, town and most importantly, our planet.  We carry a few different types of pre-owned electric vehicles at amazing prices.  Beverly Hills Unique Sports Cars has been one of the top dealers in Los Angeles to sell used electric vehicles.  Check out our inventory below and take one home today!






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Why Buy an Electric Car?

By reading this article it is most likely that you are concerned about one of two things. Firstly, what are the benefits to me when buying an electric car, and secondly what are the environmental benefits? Let's begin by looking into one of the reasons it benefits you the consumer.

Reduced Fuel Costs

People will tell you that it costs around a fifth of the price to run an electric car as it does to run on fuel, but what are some of the statistics? For an electric car, the measurement for using energy is known as kWh (Kilowatt /hour). If you are charging at home to can expect to pay around 12-15 cents. Take a Nissan Leaf as a standard electric car with a battery size of 30 x 0.12 charge cost = $3.60 to charge. Compared to a gas car with a 12 gallon tank with gas at over $3.00 for premium, the cost to fill would be $36.00. If you consider the average range of the Nissan Leaf being around 120 miles divide the distance by cost per mile so $3.60 / 120 = $0.03 per mile - unbelievably good value. Depending on where you get your figures a small hatchback would cost around $0.12 per mile so there is a big difference. With the increasing amount of charge points in the US and the ability to charge from home, charging your electric car should easy.

Government Incentives

A government tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 can be applied depending on the size of the battery in the car.  There are other state incentives that can make buying an electric vehicle an even better option than you originally thought. 

More Models to Choose From

With the increase in popularity and demand there has been a significant increase in the market of electric cars. BMW has even created their own car the i3, and Tesla has invested in some cutting edge technology to deliver some outstanding models Model S, Model X and the soon to launch Model 3. The Nissan Leaf is still going strong and Hyundai and Chevrolet also have their electric car entries.

Zero Emissions or Noise Pollution

Zero emissions - that's right zero, meaning you are not emitting any waste product that might pollute the air and environment.  Electric cars are extremely quiet in comparison to regular engines, the revs don't have to push so hard so they drive very smooth.  They are so quiet that there are calls for new electric cars to make louder sound to help pedestrians know they are there.

So buying an electric car is good not just for you but for the environment, with more and more options and incentives each year it is a great time to go electric, for the environment it's about time we all considered it.